Locally listed buildings

There are many buildings in Crawley that have special local importance because of their historical significance, individual character or because of their contribution to the street scene. These buildings are included on our local building list.

The local List was last reviewed in 2010. If there are any buildings or structures that you think should be included in the next review you can email Forward Plans.

We will seek to protect buildings on the local list. Planning permission may be refused for development proposals, extensions, alterations or changes of use which will lead to the demolition or cause the removal of features of interest or detract from the character or setting of the building.

Works to locally listed buildings

The inclusion of a building on the list is a material planning consideration when determining an application that affects a building on the list, or its setting.

The designation is reflected as a local land charge and identified as a constraint for planning purposes. Permitted development remains unchanged.

Works to locally listed buildings do not require listed building consent.

Some works may not require planning permission but should still be carefully considered. The removal of historic features or details can not only harm the special interest of the locally listed building but also adversely affect its value.


In all cases you should ask for advice by emailing Development Management or call 01293 438512.