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New contractors for Crawley Homes

Published: 17 February 2020


Crawley Borough Council has appointed two new contractors to manage the maintenance of council homes around the town.

Cabinet agreed recommendations to appoint Mears Group and Wates Property Services at their meeting on 27 November. 

The two new contractors will be managing responsive repairs, planned maintenance and empty dwellings for Crawley Homes properties from 1 April this year. 

The contract, which is valued at £167 million over 10 years will split the town into two areas, with Mears delivering maintenance in one area and Wates in the other. 

Existing staff will be moved over the new contractors, ensuring no disruption to council tenants and the same familiar faces at appointments. 

The chosen contractors came top in both quality and price, scoring highly for their approach to the environment and their commitment to the community.

This is great news for our council tenants, who will continue to receive top quality service. Here at the council we have a thorough process to ensure we get the best possible deal for both the organisation and our residents.

Councillor Ian Irvine

Cabinet member for Housing

Crawley Borough Council

I am very pleased we will continue to build on our relationship with the council. We place social value at the heart of our business and we look forward to working with them to develop shared objectives as to how we can contribute back into the community. Mears is not just a contractor but a local employer and our operatives are members of the community in which we will be working.

Colin Middlemass

Chief Operating Officer

Mears Group

Crawley Borough Council has a very clear strategy to provide an efficient and high quality service across its housing portfolio, an ambition to which our expertise is perfectly suited.  We very much look forward to working with the borough again over the next decade, and our priority is to enhance service delivery and working closely with the client to develop a seamless customer journey, ensuring we provide an exceptional service from day one.

David Morgan

Managing Director

Wates Property Services