Published: 05 June 2020


Crawley Borough Council is standing shoulder to shoulder with the town’s BAME community and supporting the peaceful Black Lives Matter protests.

Councillors have been participating in events to show solidarity with protesters in the US and around the world, including the UK.

The Mayor of Crawley, Councillor Raj Sharma, and Leader of the Council, Councillor Peter Lamb, both ‘took the knee’ at 6pm on Wednesday and will observe the minute’s silence at 8pm today in solidarity with people of colour.

Black Lives Matter is a global campaign against violence and systemic racism towards black and ethnic minority people. It has been the driving force behind protests taking place across the world following the death of George Floyd at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer.

There has been worldwide outrage after a video showing the officer kneeling on Mr Floyd’s neck went viral. For the past week, protests have been held in several cities across the globe.

Last month, we commemorated the end of the Second World War in Europe, a war this country entered to defend other nations from unjust aggression. Then as now, injustice could only thrive so long as good people chose to do nothing. Tonight, we aren't being asked to fight a war or face down a hail of plastic bullets and tear gas. We're being asked to take a minute to remember those who face violence on a daily basis due to their race and make it clear that they don't stand alone.

Councillor Peter Lamb


Crawley Borough Council

This is our Rosa Parks moment and we need to use this for change. This has been happening for centuries but this is now being seen by everyone. We’ve had so much support locally, nationally and globally from people of all backgrounds and ages. Taking a knee and a minute’s silence are small things but they make a big difference.  

Marilyn Le Feuvre


Diverse Crawley (and committee member of Crawley Campaign Against Racism)

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