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Changes to the Cabinet at Crawley Borough Council

Published: 14 February 2020


A new Cabinet member has been appointed at Crawley Borough Council.

Following the death of former councillor Geraint Thomas in November, Councillor Peter Lamb, Leader of the Council, has chosen Councillor Gurinder Jhans as the new Cabinet member for Environmental Services and Sustainability.

Councillor Jhans is believed to be the first Sikh to hold a Cabinet post at Crawley Borough Council.

The council’s Cabinet is now:

  • Councillor Peter Lamb, Leader of the Council
  • Councillor Peter Smith, Deputy Leader of the Council and Cabinet member for Planning and Economic Development
  • Councillor Ian Irvine, Cabinet member for Housing
  • Councillor Chris Mullins, Cabinet member for Wellbeing
  • Councillor Brenda Smith, Cabinet member for Public Protection and Community Engagement
  • Councillor Gurinder Jhans, Cabinet member for Environmental Services and Sustainability

The world is facing a climate crisis. To survive we need to work decisively and creatively to move the way we work, live and play onto a sustainable footing.With his policy background in Westminster and his passion for making a difference, I know Gurinder is the right candidate for taking on this challenge at Crawley Borough Council.  

Councillor Peter Lamb

Leader of the Council

Crawley Borough Council