Published: 26 November 2021

From: Environment

Crawley Borough Council’s Climate Emergency Action Plan was given the green light this week by cabinet members to accelerate its response to the climate and ecological emergency facing the planet.

The ‘Action to Zero’ plan sets out how the council will reduce carbon emissions from its own operations by at least 45% by 2030 and to zero before 2050. 

This is arguably the most important piece of work the council is undertaking. The plan is a far-reaching and comprehensive roadmap to help us transition to net zero. It touches on everything from reducing our use of fossil fuels and investing in renewables, to enhancing and protecting our natural environment. Our targets are the very minimum and our ambition is to reach net zero as quickly as possible. As a council we have a responsibility to lead by example in driving down our own carbon emissions and encouraging others to join us on this journey. Achieving our targets will mean changes to the way we live and work in Crawley, but by working together with residents, community groups and businesses, we can all make a big difference to help create a healthier, cleaner and greener planet now and for future generations.

Cllr Gurinder Jhans

Cabinet member for Environmental Services and Sustainability

Crawley Borough Council

The action plan covers all council service areas focusing on:

  • Reducing energy used in buildings through energy efficiency retrofits
  • Investing in renewables to support the shift from fossil fuels to clean energy
  • Transitioning to low carbon modes of travel 
  • Improving green spaces for people and nature

Most of the council’s carbon emissions come from what it buys for construction projects and for goods and services. By working with its suppliers, Crawley Borough Council can influence more widely to reduce carbon emissions.

Parts of the plan are already underway. For example, the council’s Crawley Homes division is part of the NetZero Collective to retrofit homes, helping them become warmer and cheaper with lower energy bills for their tenants.  

A key next step will be inviting residents and businesses to join the council in its ‘Action to Zero’.

Find out more about the council's Climate Emergency response on our web page.