Other Telecare products

Lifeline Plus (Telecare) is a range of sensors and detectors which can be added to your Lifeline. These sensor can help you live independently and stay in control of your own health and wellbeing. 

Lifeline Plus can help to remind you of things you need to do, such as take your medication. Or it can automatically alert staff at our Care Centre if you need help, such as if you’ve fallen or haven’t realised you’ve left the gas on. 

We are also able to supply additional telecare sensors and detectors which are not listed, call Lifeline Team on 01293 438468 for more information.

Fall Detector (Intelligent pendant)

A small light weight pendant that gives customers an added layer of protection by automatically calling for assistance if it detects a fall. It also incorporates a button which can also be pressed in an emergency to activate a call to our Care Centre. 

Medication Dispenser

This automatically dispenses medication and provides both an audio and visual alert to the customer each time medication should be taken. If the customer forgets to take their medication, the Lifeline unit will automatically be alerted so that a call is made to our Care Centre. The operator will remind the customer that their medication is due or call a family member, to remind them.

Carbon Monoxide Detector

CO detector detects dangerous levels of carbon monoxide and raises an automatic alarm call to our Care Centre.

Natural Gas Detector

The Gas Detector provides a safe and effective method of protecting people against the risks associated with using gas and solid fuel appliances in their home. It raises an alarm call to our Care Centre the moment the build-up of gas is detected. This could be through a gas leak in the property or leaving gas appliances on and unlit.

Temperature Extremes Sensor

The temperature extremes sensor monitors for excessively high and low temperatures, and for any rapid rise in temperature. The sensor helps minimise the risk associated with a build-up of heat from a kitchen appliance being left on, or a dangerously low temperature during cold weather. 

Bed/Chair Occupancy Sensor

The pressure pad fits over a mattress or chair seat and provides an early warning that the user has left their bed or chair and not returned within a pre-set time period, indicating a possible fall. This sensor can also be programmed to switch on lights, helping people find their way to and from bed easily.

Heat Detector

The wireless heat detector provides additional protection against the risk of fires in rooms where smoke detectors are unsuitable e.g. kitchen.

Flood Detector

The flood detector is a neat, unobtrusive sensor that provides an early warning of potential flood situations. The unit can be placed on the floor under a sink or in a bathroom near the bath.