Leasehold Services

We manage over 1,500 leasehold properties that were originally sold under the Right to Buy.

If you are entering into a lease with us, it is very important you read and understand exactly what is required of you as a leaseholder.

For information regarding your lease email Leasehold Services.

Standard documents

When we send out your invoice for the Leasehold Management charges, we also need to send out, by law, a summary of your rights and obligations. Alongside this we also send out a standard covering letter.

Building insurance

The buildings insurance for leasehold properties is provided through Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.

Leasehold questions

What can I do about water leaks?

Read our information sheet about water leaks and what you need to do.

I don’t understand my half yearly invoice, can you help?

Section four in the Leaseholders’ Handbook explains your invoice but if you still have questions, contact Leasehold Services.

I think the invoice is too much

You may disagree with the costs on your invoice or you might have financial difficulties and not be able to pay it, read our information sheet to find out what to do next.

Why am I charged for repair works before they are carried out?

Under the terms of the lease the council is obliged to maintain the building and you have agreed to pay the council's estimated costs for the forthcoming 12 months.

Your invoice includes an estimate for day-to-day repairs for the year ahead. If the actual costs differ, the figure is adjusted after the end of the financial year.

What work does external decoration include?

Contracts include all previously painted surfaces. The painting of flat doors and door frames is your responsibility, but you are not charged for painting the doors of council-owned flats.

The cleaning of UPVc window frames is also included in the external decorations contracts.

Why do I have to pay for other peoples' windows when I have already paid to replace the windows in my flat?

As your lease explains, you will pay a proportion of the cost of all works to the building. Windows are part of the structure that the council is obliged to keep in good repair, sharing the costs with lessees.

If you request to replace your windows, you will be reminded that you still have to pay a due proportion if we change the other windows at some point.

How can I pay the invoice?

The ways you can pay your invoice are shown on the back of the invoice and can be found on our payments page.

Direct Debit is the easiest way to pay and is the only way to spread the payment of your invoice. Print the form, fill it in and send it in to us.

If you pay by Direct Debit you can pay on 1 May and 1 November each year or you can pay by ten monthly instalments on the 1st of each month from May to September and then November to March, following the issue of the April and October invoices.

If you sign up to pay by Direct Debit after the 1 April, you may find that you will pay by fewer instalments.

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