Garages questions and answers

Here are some answers to commonly asked questions about our garages and stores, including questions about the recent price changes.

Garage rental questions and answers

Are there any discounts on garage or store rental?


Will my Housing Benefit cover my garage rent?

No - Housing Benefit does not cover rental for garages or stores.

I need to speak to somebody about my garage rent account

The garages and stores pages should provide you with all the information you need. However, if you need to speak to somebody, call 01293 438354.

My garage needs a repair

Complete our report a repair form. Alternatively, call the Crawley Repairs Team on 01293 438111, Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm.

How long does it take to process my application for a garage?

We aim to complete applications within seven working days.

Can I transfer my garage to a friend/relative/partner?

No, you cannot assign/transfer a garage to someone else. However, if you wish to give up your garage tenancy, and provided there is no waiting list for the garage area, it may be possible for your friend/relative/partner to rent your old garage. This would involve them signing a new tenancy agreement with the council. Any enquiries about this should be made in writing via email to or by post to Garages, Town Hall, The Boulevard, Crawley RH10 1UZ. We’ll then make a decision and arrange any necessary documentation.

If stored items get damaged is the council liable?

No. It is your responsibility to arrange appropriate insurance for any items stored in a garage or store you rent.

How many garages can I rent?

You can rent as many as you like as long as all rent accounts are kept up to date. There are no discounts on offer and you will be charged extra for a second or third garage.

Can I buy my garage?


Do I have to pay VAT on my garage?

Guidance from Her Majesty Revenue and Customs (HMRC) says that: ‘The letting of a garage or parking space separately from the letting of a dwelling is standard-rated for VAT’

This means that if you rent a garage from Crawley Borough Council (CBC) and you are not a council housing tenant then standard rate VAT will apply to the garage rent.

This VAT is then passed on to Her Majesty Revenue and Customs as per the VAT laws.

However, if you already rent your home (dwelling) from Crawley Borough Council and then rent a garage from the council, the same VAT rate will apply for the garage and the dwelling. Dwelling rental through a local authority (council) is classed as non-business for VAT so rental of a garage to a CBC tenant is classed the same and no VAT is charged. The same VAT rates apply even if the garage is used for storage.

This is not an issue that can be resolved by us and any questions should be raised with HMRC, through their website.