Garages questions and answers

Here are some answers to commonly asked questions about our garages and stores, including questions about the recent price changes.

Garage rental questions and answers

My Direct Debit amount looks lower than expected and I pay on 15th or 21st of the month

The Direct Debit has taken payment at the old rent rate this time. We will correct and amend this between February and March. If you would like to pay the difference, call our contact centre by the 18 January on 01293 438000 to make payment over the phone. We will automatically recalculate your Direct Debit after 18 January.

My Direct Debit taken on 1 January was a lot higher than expected

The Direct Debit would have been recalculated to incorporate the garage rent increase and calculated to cover the rest of the financial year. There was also a lower amount taken by the Direct Debit in December, which meant the Direct Debit amount was higher than usual.

Why have the garage rents increased?

Our costs are increasing so the additional income will minimise the need for future reductions in our services and help to pay for much-needed repairs to our garages.
Renting our garages is still extremely good value, costing lower than the market rate, and we remain confident that we are one of the cheapest councils for garage rental, particularly after others have applied their increases this year.

If I don’t want to pay the increased rent, what can I do?

It is your choice whether to accept the new tenancy agreement being offered to you at the increased rent. If you decide you do not want to accept the council’s offer, then by the date of the notice to quit you need to cancel your garage and return the keys to us. Details on how to do this are in the how to cancel section on the garages page.

What happens if I don’t sign and return the new tenancy agreement to the council?

The council has served you with a notice to quit which will end your garage tenancy on the date specified. If you do not return a signed copy of the new tenancy agreement, the council will take this to mean that you no longer wish to rent the garage, and we will repossess the garage by changing the locks. You may be charged for the storage of any items found in the garage when the locks are changed and for the costs of you not returning the keys.

Are there any discounts on garage or store rental?

No. There are no longer any garage discounts on offer.

Will my Housing Benefit cover my garage rent?

No - Housing Benefit does not cover rental for garages or stores.

I need to speak to somebody about my garage rent account

You can hopefully find the information you need in these pages. However, if you need to speak to somebody, please call 01293 438354.

My garage needs a repair

If you have a myCrawley account you can request a repair online. Alternatively, call the Crawley Repairs Team on 01293 438111, Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm.

How long does it take to process my application?

We aim to complete applications within seven working days.

Can I transfer my garage to a friend/relative/partner?

No, you cannot assign/transfer a garage to someone else. However, if you wish to give up your garage tenancy, and provided there is no waiting list for the garage area, it may be possible for your friend/relative/partner to rent your old garage. This would involve them signing a new tenancy agreement with the council. Any enquiries about this should be made in writing via email to or by post to Garages, Town Hall, The Boulevard, Crawley RH10 1UZ. We’ll then make a decision and arrange any necessary documentation.

If stored items get damaged is the council liable?

No. It is your responsibility to arrange appropriate insurance for any items.

How many garages can I rent?

You can rent as many as you like as long as all rent accounts are kept up to date. There are no discounts on offer and you may be charged extra for a second or third garage (see the rates on the main page).

Can I buy my garage?