Transfers and mutual exchanges


If you are an existing council or housing association tenant and want to move to another council property in Crawley, you will need to join the housing register.


If you are an existing council or housing association tenant, you may be able to swap your home with another council or housing association tenant by mutual exchange.


We run an incentive scheme that helps council tenants who are looking to downsize from their existing home.

If you are interested in downsizing your council home contact your Housing Officer.


This website helps tenants find swap partners. Council tenants can register for free and once we have approved your application, you will be able to access information on HomeSwapper about tenants from Crawley and across the UK who wish to exchange properties.

For help using the HomeSwapper service, contact HomeSwapper directly.

Other mutual exchange websites

House Exchange

House Exchange is part of the Clarion Housing Group. There would be a charge for Crawley council tenants to join this site, but searches without joining are possible

Exchange Locata

Only tenants whose landlord has partnered with Exchange Locata can register on this site, but searches are possible.

Contact your housing officer

Your housing officer can give you more information about mutual exchanges, including how an exchange may affect your tenancy rights, if your swap partner has a different tenancy type to the one you have.

To apply for a mutual exchange all tenants involved will need to complete a permission for mutual exchange application form. 

Refused applications

Not all applications can be approved. If your application is declined your Housing Officer will explain why.