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Tenancy support

This is a free service for council tenants to help you manage your home, gain independence and take control of your tenancy and the decisions that affect you.

How we can help

We can provide support and information to help: 

  • Sort out any money worries and get the right benefits 
  • Manage the home and develop skills for life
  • Get help and advice about moving home and getting furniture
  • Sort out any problems with gas or electricity suppliers and help to get the best deal
  • Get in touch with others who can give some extra help, find the right services to help with any mental or physical health issues or to tackle any problems with drug and/or alcohol use
  • Find training, education and a job
  • Sort out any housing worries

When you get in touch

When you contact us we will:

  • Check to see if we can help you 
  • Refer you someone else if more appropriate
  • Respond to you within 10 working days

What we can’t help with

We cannot:

  • Manage your finances or pay your bills
  • Give you personal care or help with washing and dressing
  • Do housework, cooking, shopping, washing or DIY jobs 
  • Look after your children