Homes for Ukraine

As a council we support the Homes for Ukraine scheme and council tenants can apply to become a sponsor. If you want to offer your home to people fleeing Ukraine, you can register your interest above.

If you are a tenant of another landlord you will need to get in touch with them to find out what you will need to do


Eligibility checks on those arriving from Ukraine will be made through the scheme as well as checks on you as the sponsor, your family and the type of accommodation that you will provide. These checks will be managed by West Sussex County Council.

Before registering for the scheme, you should think about the following requirements.

Your home and tenancy agreement

  • You will need to have sufficient space that is enough empty spare rooms suitable to offer the family or individual you sponsor
  • A sofa-bed in the living room would not be considered suitable and neither would overcrowded conditions. Your tenancy agreement sets out the permitted number of people allowed to live in your home to avoid overcrowding. This should not be exceeded through the Homes for Ukraine scheme
  • You must let your Housing Officer know if you are considering offering a space in your home, this is in line with your tenancy agreement
  • You will need to tell your Housing Officer if you are accepted as a sponsor
  • Once the family or individual arrives, let us know their names and dates of birth within 14 days, so we have an up to date record of who is living with you in your home
  • As a tenant you are responsible for making sure all the terms of your tenancy are complied with, by all members of your household. This will include anyone living with you under this scheme

Other factors to consider

  • The accommodation (space) must be available for at least six months
  • What type of accommodation are you able to provide? 
  • Who will you be happy to house e.g. a young family, or elderly person? 
  • Will they be able to easily access facilities such as, the kitchen or bathroom?
  • You will not be paid rent but will be offered a Thank You payment through the scheme of £350 per month tax free
  • This will not affect your Council Tax discount, Housing Benefit of Universal Credit, should you be in receipt of such

More information about the scheme can be found on the government's website.