Ending a council tenancy

When you move out we expect the property to be left in a good, clear and clean condition so we can quickly and easily make it ready for someone in need of a home to move into.

Giving notice

To give notice to end a council housing tenancy, complete the end a council tenancy form.

End a council tenancy

If you don’t give us 28 days’ notice before moving out of your home, we will charge you for the full 28 day period.

This can be negotiated in the event of a tenant’s death.

Contact details

Tell us where you are moving to and your contact details. If you are acting on behalf of the tenant we will need your full contact details and a copy of any legal paper work giving you Power Of Attorney or a copy of the Death Certificate if the tenant has died.


All rent due needs to be paid. We can still take action to collect any rent that has not been paid even after you have ended the tenancy and left the property.

Clearing the property

We may charge you if you don’t leave the whole property (including the loft, garden and outside buildings) in a clean condition and clear of all rubbish, furnishings and belongings, including those that you no longer need. 

Our Bulky Waste Collection Service may be able to help you dispose of large bulky items.

Returning the keys

You must return all of the keys by noon on the day that your tenancy ends (this includes any to outside buildings, sheds or cupboards).

Return them to the Town Hall where you will be given a receipt. If we receive them after this time, we will charge you rent until we receive the keys.

End of tenancy charges

What happens if I don’t leave the property clean, clear and in a good condition?

We will recharge you and, if necessary, recover the costs via a debt recovery agency. If you do not pay these costs, a county court judgement will be sought which will affect your credit rating. This will prevent you from obtaining any form of credit for example; Sky TV, Broadband and even a mobile phone contract.

What will I be recharged for?

Below is a list of the most common items that you could be charged for and what it may cost you. We will also add an overall charge of 10 per cent to the total cost for administration fees.

The clearance of unwanted belongings or rubbish left in the property, including lofts, outhouses and garden areas. You need to remove any sheds or outbuildings you have placed in the garden and fill in any ponds or water features, as well as clear all belongings, furniture, appliances and carpets/laminate flooring.
Average price from £852
Damage that you, a member of your family or friends may have caused. This is things like: holes in walls/doors, graffiti on walls, doors missing.
Average price from £550
Putting right or reinstating works or alterations you have carried out or are responsible for.
Actual cost price
Environmental or intensive cleaning e.g. fleas or heavily dirty areas.
Average price from £700
Outstanding balances on gas or electric meters. Before you leave, try to make sure the meters are on zero or a few pennies in credit.
Actual value of gas and/or electric meter debt
Lost keys: fobs, window keys, communal door keys, letter box keys.
Average price £200. Dependant on the type of keys/fobs missing

Other council services

Use myCrawley to tell Council Tax and other council services that you have moved or someone has died.

If you have a Lifeline unit, return it to the Town Hall with the pendant and cables.