Crawley Homes lettable standard

We believe in providing properties in a safe and clean condition. This lettable standard outlines the minimum standard new tenants can expect.

Compliancy checks

All our empty homes are fully compliant with the following checks completed:

  • A full electrical check with an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) 
  • Gas safety checks and a Landlords Gas Safety Record (LGSR) issued

Any works identified in these checks will be completed before a tenant moves in. 

An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) showing the energy efficiency of the home will be issued.

Hard wired detectors for carbon monoxide heat and smoke are fitted as standard.

Internal decorations

  • All walls and ceilings in the property will in left in a condition ready to be decorated
  • Any damaged doors, frames or woodwork will be repaired or replaced before the tenant moves in 
  • Internal locks are not provided to any doors except for bathrooms and WCs


  • All kitchens are clean and functional
  • The number of units in the kitchen will depend on the kitchen design and layout
  • We don’t supply any white goods or appliances
  • There is a space for a 60cm free-standing cooker 
  • Vinyl floor tiles are fitted in kitchens
  • Splash backs are three tiles high around base units and the cooker only
  • There is space for a washing machine. The connection is usually under the sink (capped) with a cold water supply and a spigot underneath the sink off the sink trap for waste water.
  • There is space for a fridge and freezer. Depending on the kitchen design this could be separate under-counter spaces or a full height space for a fridge/freezer

If there is gas in the building (please check with your Housing Officer; find Housing Officer contact details) there will be a capped gas pipe. You will need to arrange for a gas safe registered engineer to un-cap the connection and install your appliance.

Garages and storage cupboards

  • Any garage or storage cupboard that is part of the tenancy will be clear of all personal belongings and items
  • Please note, as part of the tenancy loft spaces cannot be used for storage
  • One key will be provided for any external storage areas


  • Bathrooms will be clean and free of mould
  • All pipework will be checked and serviced
  • Bathroom locks will be serviced and working
  • Baths will not have any chips in them 
  • Plugs for the bath and sink will be provided
  • When an overhead shower has been installed, shower curtains will be provided, but not replaced in the future
  • Vinyl floor tiles will be fitted in bathrooms and separate WC’s
  • We do not provide bathroom accessories, such as towel rails, mirrors and toilet roll holders

Wet rooms

Some of our properties have a wet room installed. 

If your new home has a wet room, we will only consider converting it to a bathroom for medical reasons and if it is recommended by an Occupational Therapist. 

  • Wet rooms will be clean and free of mould 
  • All pipework will be checked and serviced. 
  • Wet room locks will be serviced and work.
  • The shower and any pump will be clean, serviced and working
  • Dependant on the shower design, a shower curtain or low level screen is provided.
  • Some designs have wet room chairs
  • A vinyl floor is fitted 
  • A plug for the sink will be provided

Windows and doors

  • Window catches will be provided to windows
  • Not all windows have keys.
  • All windows will be serviced. Any blown units will be ordered whilst the property is empty. The may be fitted after the tenant moves in.
  • Two sets of keys will be given for external doors to the property (not outbuildings) e.g. Front doors, side doors and rear doors.


  • Room thermostats and heating systems are checked. Manuals can be found online as we don’t provide hard copies.
  • All radiators will be checked and serviced before you move in.


  • We do not provide floor coverings in our properties. There will be timber floorboards or concrete floors. Tenants will need to purchase carpets, rugs etc.
  • We provide vinyl tiles to the bathroom, kitchen and WCs and vinyl flooring to wet rooms only.


  • Two rows of paving in the patio area (only) will be maintained with no trip or slip hazards.
  • Only dead, diseased or dangerous trees are removed. Tree stumps are not removed.
  • Only Crawley Homes’ boundaries will be maintained and will be replaced to the same standard or 4ft high fencing panels.

The rest of the garden will be the tenant’s responsibility to maintain.

TV aerials and satellites dishes

We will not remove, install or maintain existing satellite dishes, internet, broadband connections, aerials or phone lines (both internal and external). These are the tenant’s responsibility after signing the tenancy agreement. 

This excludes communal dishes and/or aerials installed on some blocks of flats.