Products of animal origin

Our Port Health Officers at Gatwick are responsible for ensuring that products of animal origin (POAO) comply with import conditions contained within Legislation.

With a few exceptions, most products of animal origin can only be imported from approved establishments in other countries. 

Commercial imports

All POAO that originate from countries outside the EU must be imported into the EU through an approved Border Inspection Post.


We must be notified of the arrival of a product of animal origin (POAO) before it is unloaded from the aircraft. 

List of POAO

A POAO means anything produced by or from an animal of any sort.

Goods not staying in the EU

There are also controls on POAO which arrive at Gatwick from outside the EU and are not being imported into the UK or another EU state. This applies whether leaving from Gatwick by air or road.

If you are responsible for shipping products of animal origin through Gatwick, en route to a state outside the EU, email the Imported Food team for advice on what is required. 

Unsuitable consignments

If the consignment fails any part of the veterinary check, it will be rejected.

If the consignment is rejected special rules apply and you may be liable for costs.