Food poisoning

Food poisoning can be caused by consuming contaminated food or water that contains bacteria, viruses, parasites or chemicals.

If you think your illness has been caused by food from a food business, call 01293 438207 to report it. You may be asked to complete an infectious disease questionnaire to help in the investigation.

Public Health England inform us of any cases of food poisoning, infections or other diseases which may be spread by food or water.

If you get food poisoning

  • Contact your employer if you handle food, work with children, sick or the elderly. Infection can be spread through cross contamination from dirty hands, equipment, pets and other animals or if the food is not fully cooked
  • Improve hygiene at home by using sanitiser spray on the kitchen work surfaces, toilet seats, toilet handle, and toilet door handle after they have been cleaned
  • If you have more than one toilet at home isolate one of the toilets for sick persons only
  • Wash hands after visiting the toilet and use anti-bacterial soap
  • Wash hands using anti-bacterial soap before and after handling food
  • Use kitchen roll or paper towel as this will prevent further spread