Water conservation

Conserving water

Water usage

Water industry figures show that people in the South East use an average of 160-170 litres of water each per day.

Nearly a third of that water (55 litres) is flushed down the toilet. Only 10 litres is used for cooking and drinking.

Our usage

Like many businesses, the council uses a lot of water in its daily operations.

We take many measures to reduce how much water we use:

  • Vehicles will not be washed (unless for health and safety reasons)
  • No hosing down depots (unless for health and safety reasons)
  • Fitting Save-a-flush bags in all toilets where appropriate
  • Installing push taps on wash basins and shower rooms where possible
  • Reduce the level of watering on turf areas (bowls greens and golf course)
  • Installing more water butts at key sites in the town


We work with Southern Water and local businesses to help them plan for the drought and reduce their water waste.

Southern Water has advice on measuring and managing your water use and costs.