Smoke control areas

It is an offence to burn fuels that cause smoke to escape from chimneys in smoke control areas. 

If you wish to burn wood or coal in a smoke control area, you should make sure they can burn without smoke. The solid fuel burner you use must be an “Exempt Appliance” and you should only use “Authorised Fuel”. For more details, read the smoke control area rules.

Most parts of Crawley are smoke control areas, apart from Maidenbower, southern Broadfield, western Bewbush and Ifield West. To see if you live in a smoke control area, contact the environmental health department.

Domestic chimney smoke

Even if you don’t live in a smoke control area, solid fuel burning can cause a nuisance to neighbouring properties and may cause problems with local air quality.

Choosing what you burn and how you burn it can make a big difference to the pollution it creates.

For advice on the use of cleaner fuels and appliances that will help minimise the effect of solid fuel burning and benefit air quality by reducing the amount of particulate matter emitted, visit: