Smoke caused by bonfires may be a considered to be a statutory nuisance, and people causing a serious problem may be fined up to £5,000. 

Smoke can potentially contain gases and particles which can affect the health of children and people with asthma, bronchitis or heart problems. 

If you are a council tenant, under the terms of your tenancy agreement you cannot have a bonfire on your property. If you are aware of a council tenant having a bonfire, please email

Bonfire alternatives

Bonfire tips

  • Never burn household rubbish, plastic, rubber, furniture foam or tarred felt
  • Do not light a bonfire if it is wet or windy
  • Never leave a bonfire unsupervised or leave it to smoulder
  • Avoid burning at weekends and on Bank Holidays, when neighbours want to be outside 
  • Only burn dry material, this will minimise the amount of smoke produced


If you have an issue with a neighbour’s bonfire, try to reach a reasonable solution with them.

If the situation does not improve, email the Environmental Health team with the details of the incident.