If you find asbestos in your home and you are a council tenant in need of advice, call our Asbestos team on 01293 438429.


Asbestos cement is a hard grey material, from which roofing sheets, down pipes and soil pipes were made. The material is a combination of cement and asbestos fibres. 

Asbestos only becomes a problem if it is interfered with. Breathing in these fibres can cause damage to your lungs, increasing the risk of lung disease, including cancer.

You do not need a licensed contractor to remove asbestos cement. However some types of asbestos can be more dangerous and ought to be dealt with by a specialist contractor if it needs to be removed. 

Council homes

Crawley Homes shares information with tenants about where asbestos is located in their home, by sending a copy asbestos survey report when it is carried out. 

Where is asbestos found?

Asbestos was most commonly used as:

  • Insulation board in warm air unit cupboards, under stairs fireproof boarding and bath panels
  • Cold water tanks, boiler flues and thermoplastic floor tiles
  • Rainwater guttering, soffit boards and garage roof covering
  • Other domestic purposes including insulating mats in kitchens and stands on ironing boards