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Coronavirus - waste and recycling

Unfortunately the waste and recycling services are being impacted by coronavirus. We are doing all we can to minimise the effects to customers.

Will my waste and recycling still be collected as normal?

Yes, we will do everything to maintain collections however, we may see an impact with staff having to self-isolate or who are unable to work due to the impact of COVID-19. Priority will be placed on essential services such as waste and recycling collections with lower priority given to bin deliveries and bulky collections in order to maintain key services. Keep up to date via myCrawley and our social media channels.

Is the Household Waste Recycling Site (HWRS) going to stay open?

The HWRS at Metcalf Way is closed until further notice due to a fire.

Please do not visit the site until further advice has been issued.

West Sussex County Council are responsible for the site – visit the Recycle for West Sussex website for full details.

If I am an infected household, how do I dispose of my waste?

All household waste including tissues and other disposable items related to coronavirus should be double bagged and stored for up 72 hours. Waste can be stored in your rubbish bin or a secure location such as a garage or shed then placed out for collection. 

If I have coronavirus symptoms and my bin collection is due, what should I do? If I’m ill and need to put my bin out for collection, could I transfer the virus by handling the bin?

Follow the advice above. Please don’t leave waste at the side of the bin especially if it’s got infected material in it. Clean the bin handle with an antibacterial wipe if you can after placing it out for collection. Our collections teams wear gloves at all times and we have issued instructions that should reduce the risk of transmission.

Will you still collect our GREENbins for garden waste?

We intend to maintain the collection of garden waste for our customers however, we may see an impact on service delivery. If we are unable to collect the garden waste bins in your area due to staff shortages then we will not be able to return until your next scheduled collection date.

Will I get a refund if you don’t collect my garden waste?

Unfortunately, as per the terms and conditions of the service the fee is non-refundable. However, this may be reviewed.

Can I still join the GREENbin garden waste collection service?

Yes, however we are only able to accept applications with payment made by Direct Debit and e-billing.

Residents without an email address will be unable to join the service at this time. Please call our Contact Centre on 01293 438772 to register your interest. We will let you know once the service has been made available to you. 

We aim to deliver bins within 10 working days of applications being received. Please note this service may have to be limited or suspended according to demand and available resources.

Alternatively you can compost at home, or store the garden waste until the HWRS reopens.

I am an existing GREENbin customer and pay by invoice (not Direct Debit) but have yet to receive my invoice in the post. Will I still get my bin emptied?

Yes. Invoices may be delayed however whilst you wait to receive it, your bin will continue to be emptied. Residents are encouraged to sign up to Direct Debit and/or e-billing. 

Will you still run assisted collections?

Yes. Subject to sufficient staff resources, we intend to maintain this service. We also intend to respond to any new assisted collection requests.

Do I still have to place my bin out at the edge of my property for collection?

Yes, even if you are self-isolating or the government announces a lock down, you will still need to place your bin(s) out for collection as usual.

Will you still operate the bulky waste collection service?

Yes, this service is running as normal two days every week. 

We can collect unwanted furniture and electrical items from £27.10. Residents who are receiving certain benefits may qualify for one free collection in every 12 months up to a maximum value. For further details call 01293 438772.

Will you still deliver my replacement/new bin I’ve ordered?

Our bin movements' service is now open again for the following requests:

  • Exchanging a damaged bin for a new one (like for like size*)
  • Exchanging a small or medium sized recycling bin for a larger one*
  • Requesting a second recycling bin*
  • Delivering a new bin where one has gone missing (like for like size*)
  • Delivering a GREENbin upon application and payment for the service 

* We only stock large recycling bins now. 

Please note that large rubbish bin applications remain closed at this stage. This is because any extra waste households may produce during this time is likely to be temporary. The majority of waste thrown away can be recycled as well or preferably reduced at source. Those households with five or more permanent residents and who are having to self-isolate for a prolonged period of time can contact us and we will help where we can. 

The council provides a comprehensive recycling service and still collects normal household waste on a weekly basis, whereas a lot of other areas now collect rubbish every two weeks, some utilising the same sized bin as us. To find out what you can recycle, visit our recycling pages.

Request a bin movement or call our Contact Centre on 01293 438772.

My rubbish/recycling has been missed. Will you return to collect it?

Yes, however if it becomes infeasible, we will let you know and a reasonable amount of extra bags will be taken on the next scheduled collection. Please report missed bins within 72 hours of your scheduled collection day.

I have a clinical waste collection, will this still be collected?

This service is administered and operated by Medisort who’ve made arrangements to maintain it as much as possible. Please contact them for any enquiries on 01903 719646.

Will you still be dealing with waste and recycling enquiries and complaints?

We will continue to answer any enquiries and complaints as best we can. We have stopped carrying out visits or monitoring for the foreseeable future. Please do not chase up your enquiry, we’ll respond as soon as possible. Visit myCrawley and our social media channels for general enquiries and to check on whether services are still operating.

I have additional waste/side waste, will you collect this?

As long as we are able to maintain weekly rubbish and fortnightly recycling collections there should be no additional waste. All rubbish and recycling should be placed in your bins – no side waste will be taken at this stage.

We are no longer able to accept any new requests for larger bins. Customers who have already placed an order will be contacted as soon as possible.