The annual canvass

Once a year we contact every household in Crawley to find out if the details on the Crawley electoral register are correct and up to date. This is called the annual canvass.

We may contact you by:

  • Post
  • Email
  • Telephone
  • Knocking on your door

You will be asked to confirm that the names of people listed as eligible to vote in your household is correct.

If anyone in your household is not registered to vote they need to complete an individual application to register on the government website.

The law says that you must respond to the annual electoral canvass.

If you do not, it will affect your right to vote. It may also affect your ability to open a bank account, get credit, a loan or a mortgage as the electoral register is checked by authorised credit agencies.

How to reply to the annual canvass

When we contact you, please follow the instructions as soon as you can to avoid costly reminders, or one of our staff visiting you.

Read the information in your letter carefully to check:

  • Whether or not you need to respond. Some households only need to reply if there’s a change in their details
  • That all the information is correct

You can reply:

  • Online 
  • By text message
  • By telephone
  • By post

It’s quicker to respond using online or text options. You’ll need your unique two part security code printed on the form. 

Responding to the canvass form promptly can save time and expense to the taxpayer and avoid receiving reminders and personal visits.