Community centre subsidies

There are subsidies available on the standard charge for community centre hire.

Charge bands

There are three charge bands for community centres. 

These are allocated based on the activity of the hire:

Band A (Standard rate)

Corporate use, adult social and celebratory events (including naming ceremonies), adult exercise classes (profitable), sales and retail events.

Band B

Adult exercise classes (non-profitable), adult education (profitable), children’s classes (profitable).

Band C

Local community groups and clubs, adult education (non-profitable), children’s classes (non-profitable), traditional children’s parties*, uniformed children’s groups, prayer and worship.

*A children’s party takes place during the daytime, lasts for 2-3 hours and the guests are mostly children.

Playgroup rate

Registered pre-schools and playgroups.

All charges are subject to an annual increase on 1 April.