Worth Park Nature Conservation

The large pond in Worth Park, Pound Hill, is a Local Wildlife Site. It has a mixture of marginal and aquatic vegetation with a fringe of native and exotic trees and shrubs, a wooded island and a rocky island. There are dense areas of bramble on the eastern pond bank, which help to protect the fringe of marginal vegetation.

  • Common reedmace
  • Yellow flag iris
  • Field maple
  • Foxglove
  • Cow parsley
  • Yew
  • Wellingtonia
  • Great crested grebe
  • Egyptian goose
  • Kingfisher

Things to do

Combine your visit with the Grattons Park and Worth Way walk.

Become a volunteer with Gatwick GreenSpace Partnership.

How to get here

Worth Park can be accessed from Worth Park Avenue and Grattons Drive, Pound Hill.

Map of Crawley Nature Conservation Areas

Ordnance Survey grid reference: TQ 295380

Nearest bus stop: Sommerville Drive, route 4 and 5

Neighbourhood: Pound Hill