Energy bill rebate

Number of eligible households: 38,899

Number of eligible households to have received £150 government energy rebate: 34,784

Number of households yet to claim government energy rebate: 4,115

We have distributed a total of 34,841 government energy rebates totalling £5,226,150

From April, households in the Council Tax bands A to D (and some in band E) will receive a one-off payment of £150 to help with energy bills. Only one payment can be made to each eligible property.

Please note this payment is completely separate from your Council Tax and we can't deduct it from your bill - it has to be paid to you separately.

How do I know if I am eligible?

Based on the position on 1 April 2022, your household will be eligible for the £150 payment if:

  • The property is in Council Tax bands A – D (or band E if you receive Council Tax disabled banding relief)
  • The property is someone’s only or main residence (second homes and unoccupied properties do not qualify)
  • It is a chargeable dwelling, or in one of these exemption classes:
    • N (property occupied only by students)
    • S (property occupied only by persons aged under 18)
    • U (occupied by the mentally impaired or shared by the mentally impaired and students)
    • W (an annex occupied by a dependent relative (aged 65 or over, severely mentally impaired or disabled).
  • The person liable to pay the Council Tax is not a local authority, a business or other organisation such as a housing association or a House in Multiple Occupancy (HMO)

If you are not eligible, but in bands E - H, you may still qualify for one of our two discretionary schemes - scroll down for information on this.

How to apply

If you pay your Council Tax by direct debit, you do not need to apply for your £150 payment, it will be paid automatically. We will be making payments first to households that are paying their Council Tax by direct debit. 

If you pay by Direct Debit

Because of the high numbers of payments due, and to meet the government’s requirements about the validation of bank accounts, we will make payments in this order:

  • Those paying Council Tax by Direct Debit on the 1 April will be paid first
  • Those paying Council Tax by Direct Debit on the 15 April will be paid next
  • Those paying Council Tax by Direct Debit on the 25 April will be paid next

Those households that have more recently signed up for Direct Debit will be paid about two weeks after their first Direct Debit instalment has been collected.

If you don't currently pay by Direct Debit, you can sign up now:

Sign up to pay Council Tax by Direct Debit

If you don't pay by Direct Debit

If you don't pay Council Tax by Direct Debit you will need to apply to receive your £150 energy rebate.

Only one person from each household can apply and you must be responsible for paying the Council Tax bill at your address.

A letter or email will be sent to all eligible households who don't pay Council Tax by Direct Debit. The letter explains what you will need to make your application.

Make sure you have received the letter or email before you apply, and you have all your information ready, including a bank statement. Once you have logged in, use code 416A5A to get to the energy rebate form.

Apply for the energy grant (using code 416A5A)

Once we have received your application and it has been verified, payment will be made to your bank account shortly after 11 May. We will make the payments as quickly as we can, but please appreciate that we have a lot of claims to process.

Anyone who provides false information or makes a false representation to gain access to these funds may be guilty of fraud under the Fraud Act 2006. If a rebate is found to have been paid in error we will take steps to recover this money in full. 

This short video shows you how to apply online

Your questions answered

I have received an email with a link to apply. How do I know it's from the council?

Emails about the energy rebate will come from 

Our emails will include your full name and address, your Council Tax account number and a Property Reference.

There will be two links in the email, one to and one to Both of these are websites managed by the council.  

If you receive an email you are still not sure of, there is a number you can call.

I have received a letter telling me I need to apply but I plan to set up a Direct Debit. Do I still need to apply for the rebate?

If you set up a Council Tax Direct Debit you don't have to apply. You will be paid automatically, about 2 weeks after your first Direct Debit payment has been collected.

There are two or more people in my household. Who can apply for the rebate?

Only one person from each household can apply. That person must be named on the Council Tax bill.

How do I find out which Council Tax band I am in?

The middle section of your bill will tell you which band your property was in on 1 April 2022.

I was not eligible but my situation has changed since 1 April and I am now in an eligible property.

All payments are based on the situation on 1 April 2022. If you moved house or changed situation after that date, you will not be eligible for the energy rebate.

I don't pay Council Tax by Direct Debit, but I do pay other Council services this way. Do I still have to apply for my rebate?

Yes. We can only send the rebate automatically if you pay Council Tax by Direct Debit.  If you don't you will receive a letter telling you how to apply.

How will I know when the payment is in my bank account?

The payment will appear on your bank statement with a reference of CBC ENERGY REBATE

I pay my Council Tax by standing order. Do I need to apply for the rebate?

Yes. If you currently pay by standing order we won't have your bank details, so you will need to apply. You will receive a letter explaining how to do this.

I am struggling to apply online, Can you help?

We cannot complete the application on your behalf, but if you are really struggling with it, we can walk you through it over the phone.

I have an overdraft but I want the rebate to go towards my energy bills

If you currently have an overdraft and you want to make sure the rebate payment is made available to pay your energy bills instead of clearing your overdraft, you need to ask your bank. This is called your 'right of appropriation' and the National Debtline website explains how to do this.

I’ve had a call asking for my bank details. Is this you?

No, we’ll never ask you to give your bank details over the phone. If someone does ask you, hang up immediately.

Criminals cold call people asking for their bank details, falsely saying this is required for them to receive the Government’s £150 energy rebate.

If your account is paid by Direct Debit then we already have your bank details on record and if you’re not on a Direct Debit scheme, you’ll have received a letter from us.

Discretionary payments

For households that need help with their energy bills but do not qualify for the £150 payment, we have access to discretionary funding to help. 

Crawley borough Council has been allocated £201,750 which means we can help 1,335 households with a rebate of £150. 

We have created two schemes to support people most vulnerable to the rising costs of energy.

Please note:

  • You can not apply for either scheme if you were already eligible for the main energy rebate
  • Payment will be made to households that were occupied (as someone's sole or main residence) on 1 April 2022 
  • Only one discretionary payment of up to £150 will be paid per household
  • When the limit of the fund is reached no further payments will be made 

Scheme 1 - households in bands E - H

This scheme covers households who we know:

  • Receive Council Tax reduction
  • Are in Council Tax bands F to H and receive disabled relief
  • Are in bands E to H and exempt from Council Tax due to severe mental impairment 
  • Are in bands E to H and exempt from Council Tax due to all resident adults being full time students 
  • Are in bands E to H and qualify for a carer's discount

Letters have been sent to these households inviting them to apply. Make sure you have received your letter and you have all your information ready - including a bank statement before applying, using the code 416A67.

Apply for discretionary scheme 1 (using code 416A67)

Scheme 2 - exceptional circumstances

This scheme is for households with exceptional circumstances that have led to higher energy usage. You will need to demonstrate that your household circumstances are exceptional and provide evidence of this. 

Examples of this may include (but are not limited to):

  • Receiving any Government/State benefits 
  • Receiving a war pension or being a former military veteran
  • Providing care for another household member
  • Having high household energy use for a medical reason
  • Houses of multiple occupation (HMO) with a tenancy agreement that includes energy costs

If you think you may qualify, apply for this scheme on the link below, using code 416A5Y. We will assess each request individually.

Apply for discretionary scheme 2 (using code 416A5Y)