Emergency planning resources

Emergency planning involves assessing threats and preventing them, tackling major emergencies that occur and restoring a new normality afterwards.

We are responsible for creating a Major Emergency Plan for Crawley, we also:

  • Assess Risks
  • Prepare and maintain plans
  • Arrange training, events and emergency exercises
  • Provide the council response to Emergency Incidents
  • Debriefing after an incident

What we provide

  • The generic Major Emergency Plan 
  • Specific emergency plans 
  • Communications systems (several means of communication are maintained in order to ensure contact with service managers and partner agencies is resilient)  
  • Emergency Planning Officers via a dedicated line to a 24 hour council facility 
  • Service Emergency Contact Officers across council functions to organise and manage support operations 
  • Emergency Control Centre (and back up centre availability) 
  • Reception centres across the borough 
  • Welfare supplies 
  • Emergency food supplies 
  • Emergency clothing 
  • Council staff resources and expertise  
  • Mutual aid arrangements with neighbouring local authorities 
  • Assistance from the voluntary agencies  
  • An extensive database of emergency contact details 
  • Various information leaflets