Vehicle issues

Obstructive parking

If a person’s parking stops you entering/leaving your home or allocated parking space, start by speaking to them first. They may not be aware their actions are causing you a problem. The Police may be able to help if you need access to your blocked vehicle immediately. Please call 101 or report it online to Operation Crackdown.

Parking availability in Crawley can be limited. We ask that you park with some consideration.

Repairing and selling vehicles

Residents can carry out repairs to their own vehicles in the street or outside their home. 

If you are being disturbed by a neighbour carrying out repairs, try speaking with them as they may not be aware that they are causing a disturbance.

If you believe work is being carried out on vehicles for payment or vehicles are being advertised for sale in the neighbourhood, you can report it to Trading Standards Citizens Advice Consumer Service via West Sussex County Council's website.

Report untaxed cars directly to GOV UK. For advice, email or call 01293 438438.

Running a business or repairing then selling vehicles in the street is an offence.

Anti-social driving

If you witness vehicles speeding or driving recklessly, you can report it to the Police by:

There are a range of behaviours associated with anti-social vehicle use that may be a breach of Crawley’s Public Space Protection Order (PSPO). See our PSPO page for more information.