Assets of Community Value

How to nominate

Make an asset of community value nomination by completing the Assets of Community Value Nomination form and emailing it to

Community right to bid

The Localism Act 2011 allows certain organisations the chance to:

  • Identify and nominate buildings and land (assets) that are of value to the local community
  • Have a fair chance to make a bid to buy 'community assets' on the open market, if the owner decides to sell

If a listed asset is placed on the market, the landowner must tell us. If a local community group wants to buy the asset they can trigger a six month moratorium.

Listing criteria

To be listed as an asset of community value, a piece of land or building must however meet certain legal criteria.

A building or piece of land is deemed to have community value if:

  • The use of the land or building currently, or in the recent past, improves the social wellbeing or social interests of the community
  • The use of the building or land will continue to improve the social wellbeing or interests of the community
  • Meeting the social wellbeing or interests of the community is its principle rather than secondary purpose

Residential properties, gardens, outbuildings and other associated land cannot be listed as a community asset.


Once an application has been made, we make a decision on whether or not to list the asset within eight weeks.

Successful nominations will be added to the assets of community value listing. Assets remain on the list for five years. After this time the land or property can be resubmitted as a new nomination by an eligible community group.

If your nomination is unsuccessful, the property will be added to the list of land not accepted as assets of community value.