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SE Shared Services e-Sourcing Portal

Crawley, Horsham and Mid Sussex Councils advertise all tender opportunities on the SE Shared Services e-Sourcing Portal. To view opportunities, tender documents and to submit a bid, create a free account for your organisation on the portal.

We do not hold lists of approved or preferred suppliers, therefore you will need to register on the portal to access any open opportunities. 

As per the Procurement Thresholds, lower value procurements may not be advertised on the portal, and are likely to be managed by the purchasing department directly.

Crawley charters and policies

Depending on the type of contract we are procuring, suppliers may be asked as part of their bid to commit to the principles of a relevant charter or policy.

Procurement processes

Procurement processes are undertaken according to each council’s Procurement Code and the relevant public procurement regulations.

These govern the way officers acquire goods, works and services, and ensure that our processes are consistent, transparent, legally compliant, and that we treat suppliers fairly.

Procurement thresholds

The estimated total contract value of a procurement determines what method we use to procure goods, services, or works. These thresholds are set out in the Council’s Procurement Code, and are briefly outlined below. Where appropriate, we may also utilise available Framework Agreements.

Goods and services
Value for money 
Managed directly by purchasing department
Below £20,000 
Below £20,000
Formal quotation process (3x quotes)
Suppliers selected by purchasing department or through the SE Shared Services Portal
‘Local’ tender process 
Advertisement on SE Portal and Contracts Finder
EU tender process 
Advertisement on SE Portal, Contracts Finder and OJEU
Above £181,302
Above £4,551,413

The Procurement Team

Crawley, Horsham, and Mid Sussex have a shared procurement service, with Crawley acting as the lead authority. Supported by the legal teams at each authority, we provide advice to client departments on any aspect of procurement, and offer support and guidance to suppliers looking to do business with the council.

More information can be found on our SE Portal Buyer Profile.