Betting shops

In order to provide a facility for betting you must have the appropriate permission.

The following permissions are available:

  • Premises licence - for betting shops, trading rooms and tracks
  • Occasional use notice - for use on tracks for short periods of betting, at events that are temporary or infrequent. These notices can only be used for 8 consecutive days or less in a calendar year
  • Temporary use notice - for use to permit premises on a temporary basis to offer facilities for gambling. The notices can only be applied for by a person already holding an operator licence
  • Remote betting - The Gambling Commission website provides useful information and are a contact if you want to provide remote betting
  • Fundraising - If you want to raise funds for a charity (for example, a charity race night) you can provide betting facilities without a licence as long as it meets the criteria set out in the Gambling Act 2005. Depending on what you are intending to do you may require a small lotteries registration

Visit the Gambling commission’s website to apply for a gambling licence.

Apply for a gambling licence