Travel planning

The aim of a travel plan is to reduce reliance on single occupancy car journeys.

There are many benefits to your business if you travel plan:

  • Cutting car parking demand and costs
  • Reducing local and on-site congestion
  • Better site access and travel choices for customers and visitors
  • Improving staff travel choices, costs and retention
  • Cutting business travel costs and increased efficiencies
  • Reducing air pollution and noise
  • Ensuring access for people with disabilities
  • Improving staff health, wellbeing and outlook
  • Freeing parking space for other uses

Supporting travel planning

We have produced a travel planning guide to help you create a travel plan that works for your organisation.  Download our cycle map to find cycle routes as well as bus stops, walkways, and public transport.  


easit is a travel planning social enterprise for businesses. If your business is based on Manor Royal, or from somewhere else and you want to know more, email easitCRAWLEY or call 01306 886677.