Retail Improvement Grant Scheme

As part of the ongoing West Sussex Retail Training and Support Programme, currently running across West Sussex in partnership with the districts and boroughs and county council,  businesses now have the opportunity to apply for grant funding.

The Retail Improvement Grant Scheme can offer small grants of up to £4,000 aimed at supporting businesses in making key improvements to their premises and retail operations. Eligible projects could include,  but are not limited to, lighting and decoration improvements, minor building works, shop-front enhancements, display equipment, and payment system improvements, but does not include salaries, overheads, rent or stock.


To apply for the grant, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be able to commit 25% of the project value in match funding
  • Must have engaged in the ‘West Sussex Retail Hub’ virtual learning programme
  • Registered with HMRC/Companies House
  • Have a physical shop premises in Crawley borough
  • Be a small, independent businesses – maximum 50 employees and not part of a regional, national, or international chain or franchise

Apply for a Retail Improvement Grant

Applying for a Retail Improvement Grant is simple. Visit the Grant Approval website, create or sign in to an account, and complete the application form: ‘Retail Improvement Grant’.

You will be asked to provide background information on your business, and some detail about the proposed retail improvement project you are applying for. A due diligence and evaluation process will be undertaken on applications submitted. Ensure to complete all the relevant sections of the application form and to submit all the required supporting information and documentation.

For further information,  email .