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Rubbish Questions and Answers

Household rubbish is collected weekly. Bins must be out for collection by 7:30am on collection day.

To check when your rubbish will be collected, visit the Rubbish and Recycling calendars and Bank Holiday Collections pages.

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Rubbish we will collect

Rubbish we won’t collect

Normal household rubbish that can’t be recycled

Broken glass, crockery and other sharp objects wrapped in paper within a bag to avoid injury

Used nappies and pet litter tied securely in a bag

Items that can be recycled in your REDtop bin

Shoes, clothes, curtains, bed sheets, blankets or towels: these can be collected by the council’s textiles recycling service

Small electrical items: these can be collected by the council’s small electrical recycling service

Garden waste (please see the Garden Waste page for more details)

Large items which won’t fit into a normal sack – these items can be collected by our bulky waste collection service or taken to the Household Waste Recycling Site.

Any individual item which weighs more than 25kg

Building waste, soil or rubble

DIY waste

Paints, cleaning fluids and other hazardous liquids

Asbestos and other hazardous waste

Clinical waste and needles – these can be collected by our clinical waste collection service

Business waste

All rubbish must be placed within the rubbish bin provided in tied carrier bags or sacks with the lid shut. This helps to keep the bin clean and minimises the smell. In addition, in some areas where there are long walking distances to where the collection vehicle has to stop, the collection teams will lift bags out of the bins into larger bins to be taken to the truck.

Where do I need to leave my bin for collection?

Leave your rubbish bin just inside the edge of your property boundary at the nearest point to the public highway where the collection vehicle stops.

Some residents have their rubbish collected from the back of their properties. This is usually where there is direct access to the road and where there is no vehicle access to the front of the property.

If you live in a flat or have communal waste facilities, place your rubbish for collection in your bin store.

Does the council provide wheeled bins for rubbish collection?

For individual properties a standard sized 140 litre bin is provided with a height of 1,100mm, width of 505mm and depth of 555m. The bin has a dark green base and a black lid.

If you would like an address label for your bin please contact us on 01293 438772. If you move house please ensure you leave the bin at the property.

Rubbish will only be collected if it’s placed out for collection in bins provided by the council.

If you live in a private flat (not owned or leased by the council) then your managing agent or landlord is responsible for providing your rubbish bins. If you live in a flat owned or leased by the council then the council will provide the bins.

Is there a limit on how much rubbish I can place out for collection?

All rubbish must fit into the wheeled bin provided with the lid fully shut. Only one bin per household will be emptied.

If you occasionally have one or two extra bags of rubbish around Christmas and bank holidays, then this will be taken.

Households with five or more permanent residents, making an effort to reduce their waste, can apply for a larger 240 litre bin, by completing the online form .

Smaller households can also apply for a larger bin and we will contact you to discuss your individual circumstances. You can also take extra rubbish to the Household Waste Recycling Site .

My rubbish has not been collected, what should I do?

If your rubbish is not collected on the advertised day and you’re unsure why, please call us on 01293 438772 as soon as possible. Missed household rubbish will be picked up within 24 hours (working days only Mon – Fri) of you calling us.

The collection crews may knock on your door at the time of collection to speak to you directly about any issues with your rubbish collection.

This may include where rubbish is not contained within the wheeled bin or where the bin is not presented in the correct place for collection.

I’m unable to get the bin to the edge of my property for collection. Is there any help available?

An assisted collection service is available for those who live alone, are elderly or disabled and are unable to move their bins to the edge of their property.

For more information, please visit our Assisted Collections page .

Will my bin be replaced if it goes missing or is damaged?

If this happens we will replace or repair the bin upon your request using this online form . If damage is done deliberately or on more than one occasion you may be charged for a replacement.

Does the council provide a bin cleaning service?

We don’t provide a cleaning service but there are private companies who can clean them regularly or on a one-off basis.

Can I put garden waste in the rubbish bin?

No, there is a separate low cost service to collect garden waste. Please visit the GREENbin page for more details.

How can I dispose of harmful wastes such as paint, oil, asbestos, car batteries, garden chemicals etc?

For details of how to dispose of harmful hazardous wastes please see the Hazardous Waste page .

Does the Council collect large bulky items which will not go into a wheeled bin?

Yes, we do provide a bulky waste collection service for a small charge. Please see the Bulky Waste Collections page for details of this service.

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