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GREENbin Questions

Can I share a GREENbin with a neighbour?

Yes you can. Sharing a bin is a good idea if you don’t produce much garden waste. The bin must be registered with only one resident for payment purposes, and will be emptied from their address.

What kind of container is provided for garden waste?

A green coloured, standard sized large 240 litre bin (approximately 1,100mm high, 580mm wide and 740mm depth) is provided.

Crawley Borough Council owns the bin but it is your responsibility to look after it and keep it clean. Please do not mark the bin with paint or similar. If you would like an address label for your bin please contact us on 01293 438772.

Is there a limit on how much garden waste I can place out for collection?

All garden waste must fit into the wheeled bin provided with the lid fully shut. We will not be able to take any additional waste left at the side of your bin. If you regularly find you don’t have enough space for your garden waste in the one bin then you can apply for a second GREENbin. There will be an additional charge for this.

If you compact materials down too heavily in your bin it may be either too heavy for the bin lift or the bin may fall into the back of the collection vehicle. Sometimes material compacted at the bottom of the bin may not come out when the bin is tipped. Using a few small twigs / branches as the first deposits at the bottom of the bin each time reduces the chance of excessive compaction.

Where do I leave the GREENbin for collection?

Place your wheeled bin for emptying just inside the edge of your property boundary, at the nearest point to the public highway where the collection vehicle stops. It should be in a similar position to the REDtop and rubbish bins. Please make sure your GREENbin is clearly visible from the road.

Please don’t put your bin out on footpaths where they could get in the way of pedestrians, prams and wheelchair users passing by.

After collection, please ensure your bin is stored within the boundary of your property and is not left on the public highway all week.

My GREENbin has not been collected, what shall I do?

If your GREENbin:

Please call us on 01293 438772 as soon as possible.

Missed GREENbins will be picked up within 24 hours of you calling us (working day only Mon-Fri).

I’m unable to get my GREENbin to the edge of my property for collection. Is there any help available?

An assisted collection service is available for those who live alone and are elderly or disabled and are unable to move their bins to the edge of their property. If you haven’t already notified us, please call 01293 438772 and a member of staff will visit you.

Will my bin be replaced if it goes missing or is damaged?

We will replace GREENbins that go missing, are accidentally damaged by the collection crew or through general wear and tear. If damage is done deliberately or on more than one occasion during the year you may be charged £25 for a replacement. Please ring 01293 438772 to order your replacement.

When will I next have to pay for the service?

An annual invoice will be sent to you around a month before your renewal date. An invoice will be sent out annually, and will cover a period of 12 months from your renewal date.

What happens if I am moving house or want to stop the service?

Please notify the Council in advance of any change of address, or if you want to stop the service. Please note that no refunds are available should you decide to cancel the service part way through the year, regardless of how many collections you have received. If moving within Crawley, please take the bin with you and notify us.

Why is there a charge for the service?

The Controlled Waste Regulations 1992 allow a charge to be made for the collection of garden waste. This means that residents who do not have a garden, who home compost, or do not wish to use this service, do not pay for the running of the service through their Council Tax.

Why can’t I recycle my kitchen waste in the GREENbin?

New regulations brought in after the 2001 Foot and Mouth epidemic prevent us from recycling any kitchen waste on a commercial scale in the open air. This includes fruit and vegetables, (including peelings and those grown at home and in allotments such as fallen apples), tea bags and egg shells. We suggest you compost these in a home compost bin.

Can I put plants such as ragwort or bindweed into the GREENbin?

No, bindweed and “notifiable plants” such as ragwort, giant hogweed and Japanese knotweed cannot be put in the GREENbin. They are not killed off by the composting process and therefore can leave seeds in the compost to reproduce. There are currently no options available for composting these species.

Will GREENbins containing soil be emptied?

We do ask that as much soil as possible is shaken off weeds and plants before placing them in the GREENbin. However, we do accept that this not always possible and that some soil is inevitable. We can empty GREENbins that have soil around plant roots, plus a small amount of loose soil within the bin. This is acceptable as long as the bin is not too heavy to move and lift onto the collection vehicle. As a rough guide, bins containing less that a bucketful of loose soil will not be too heavy and can be emptied.

What happens to my garden waste after it is collected?

The green garden waste will be collected by our contractor Biffa. The material will then be transported to a commercial composting site near Henfield in West Sussex, run by Olus Environmental Ltd. The green waste is composted in open windrows and the whole process takes around 12-16 weeks before the final compost or soil improver is ready to use.

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