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Crawley 2030: Supplementary Planning Documents

Where further guidance relating to a specific Local Plan policy is required, it may be necessary to produce a Supplementary Planning Document (SPD). SPDs may cover a range of issues, both thematic (for example green infrastructure) and site specific (such as the town centre opportunity sites). The primary function of the SPDs is to expand upon, and provide further clarity to specific policies set out within the Crawley Borough Local Plan.

SPDs will reflect national policies, as well as those set out within the Local Plan, and will be clearly cross-referenced to the relevant Local Plan policy that the document supplements.

Each of the council’s adopted Supplementary Planning Documents can be viewed by following the links below:

Adopted Supplementary Planning Documents: November 2017

We adopted the Affordable Housing SPD in November 2017, following consultation carried out earlier in the year. The Adoption Statement for this can be viewed below:

Affordable Housing

The guidance in this SPD is relevant to anyone who wishes to develop new residential property; from a single additional dwelling to large residential schemes. The Local Plan affordable housing policy (Policy H4) applies to all planning applications which would result in a net increase in housing within the borough.

The Affordable Housing SPD includes information relating to the procedures and requirements for the provision of affordable housing as part of a planning application and provides guidance on alternative arrangements, including Viability Assessments and the calculation for financial contributions in lieu of on-site provision. A summary document containing guidance for small residential developments is available separately.

Adopted Supplementary Planning Documents: October 2016

We adopted four SPDs were adopted in October 2016, following consultations carried out earlier in the year. The Adoption Statement for these can be viewed below:

Planning and Climate Change

The Planning and Climate Change SPD describes how development in Crawley should be designed in order to comply with those policies in Crawley’s Local Plan which address the challenge of climate change. It focuses on the following policies:

It also provides guidance on the parts of the following policies which contribute to the agenda of addressing climate change:

This document includes guidance on the specific information required to accompany planning proposals in order to demonstrate compliance. Following this consultation, and consideration of the representations received, it will be adopted as Supplementary Planning Document and will be a material consideration in planning decisions taken by the council for developments within the borough.

A guidance note has been prepared to accompany the full SPD to assist in applying the Policies relating to energy and water efficiency for alterations and extensions to buildings (including for householder planning applications).

Green Infrastructure

Crawley’s Green Infrastructure network supports the wellbeing of residents and the environment. Green Infrastructure functions include, but are not limited to: recreation, biodiversity, climate change mitigation/adaptation, drainage, transport, job creation, visual amenity, and food and fuel sources. The SPD sets out the key elements which make up the important assets within the borough and expands upon the requirements of the following Local Plan Policies:

A key element of green infrastructure planning is taking opportunities, where possible, to create multi-functional green spaces to make the best use available land and to enhance the connectivity of the network, and, in applying the Local Plan policy requirements, consideration should be given to how each functions as part of the wider green infrastructure network.

Town Centre

We are strongly committed to revitalising the town centre, and there is significant potential to build upon Crawley’s many positive attributes to enhance the role of the town centre as a place to work, visit and live.

This SPD seeks to support sustainable regeneration and development in the town centre. It provides guidance to ensure that development contributes positively to Crawley’s role as a competitive retail and leisure destination, and achieve a balance between delivering the commercial space needed to support sustainable economic growth and the delivery of well-designed new homes to enhance the role of the town centre as a vibrant neighbourhood. It expands upon the requirements of the following Local Plan Policies:

Urban Design

The Urban Design SPD aims to support applicants in preparing and submitting good quality schemes, which meet national and local planning policy requirements, for planning permission and aid successful navigation through the council’s Development Management process. The urban design principles and guidance in the document relate to all development of all scales and uses.

It provides additional guidance in order for applicants to meet the requirements set by the following Local Plan Policies:

The Urban Design SPD provides guidance specifically related to development affecting heritage assets: within designated areas, or of buildings and structures. Expanding upon the Policies established in the Crawley Borough Local Plan:

The Urban Design SPD contains three Annexes which cover the following topics:

Planning at Manor Royal

Manor Royal covers an area of 240 hectares and incorporates Gatwick City Place to the north-east and County Oak to the west. It is a key economic hub within the south-east and provides employment for approximately 30,000 people from Crawley and the wider sub-region. To help Manor Royal adapt to change and remain a 21st century business destination, on 10 July 2013, we adopted two new planning documents.

Manor Royal Design Guide SPD

The first of these is the Manor Royal Design Guide SPD. This recognises that good design is a key requirement of the National Planning Policy Framework, and sets out guidance to outline what the council considers to represent good design in Manor Royal. The SPD will be used when new developments are proposed, but also relates to extensions and alterations, to provide design guidelines around landscaping, site layout considerations and the value of improving ‘gateway’ sites. The Manor Royal Design Guide SPD, a Consultation Statement summarising the feedback received and the council’s response to this, and an Adoption Statement, can be viewed below:

Manor Royal Public Realm Strategy

The Manor Royal Design Guide SPD is complemented by a Public Realm Strategy. This is a non-statutory companion document to the SPD, which suggests possible approaches and opportunities through which improvements to the overall environment of Manor Royal could be delivered.

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