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Street Naming and Numbering

House Number

Maintaining a high standard for street naming and numbering is important as it allows:

The council has a duty to provide houses and developments with numbers and street names, and will provide these under the Town Improvement Clauses Act 1847 and the Public Health Act 1925. No address within Crawley is legal or recognised unless authorised by the council.

The Street Naming & Numbering process can be complex, especially for larger developments. In order to manage expectations, smaller and relatively straight forward developments/requests should allow at least 2 weeks for completion. Larger more complex developments/requests should expect this timescale to exceed 2 weeks dependant on request. In these circumstances we would keep you updated on progress.

New Developments

It is important that your new development is named and numbered early in the building process. Developers should complete the application form and return it to the council along with:

Marketing Information

Developers must not allocate naming or numbering as part of their marketing strategy. It should be pointed out in the literature distributed to purchasers that marketing names used for the development, may not form part of the final address.


Developers are welcome to submit their own suggestions for street names. Consideration to the local community or history of the area is to be given, however the final decision lies with the Council.

Installation and Maintenance

The council will supply and install street nameplates, however the cost to do so lies with the developer. Maintenance of street nameplates becomes the council’s responsibility once the street is adopted by the council.

Single Property or Small Developments

If you are building a new house/flats, converting an existing property into flats (a small development) or any other small development which will require its own postal address, the council will need to assign a house number and or flat numbers/address.

Applications should be accompanied by:

Renaming or Adding a Name to an Address

If you wish to change or give a name to a property, you have to obtain approval from the council.

When requesting a house naming the following points must be considered:

If you would like to add a house name to your address or change a name that already exists, please complete the application form and return with the appropriate fee.

Renaming/Numbering a Street

On rare occasions it may be necessary to rename or renumber a street. This usually is done only as a last resort when:

If you would like to rename/renumber a street, please complete the application form and return with the appropriate fee.

Registering A Commercial Address

It is recommended that you register your company’s commercial address if you move into new business premises, or take over an existing building.

If you wish to have a commercial address registered, please complete the application form , return with the appropriate fee and attach a copy of site location plan identifying the site.

Application Form

All Application Forms and fees should be returned to the council at the following address:

Street Naming and Numbering, Crawley Borough Council, Town Hall, The Boulevard, Crawley, RH10 1UZ or by email .


Upon receipt of an application form and the appropriate fee, we will on your behalf notify organisations of your address. These include Police, Fire and Ambulance Services, Electoral Services, Council Tax, Royal Mail, Ordnance Survey, and Land Registry. A list of fees is in the table below.



Property naming / renaming

£31.20 residential

£104 commercial

Confirmation of address to conveyancers etc


Naming of new development

£156.10 plus £10 per plot/unit

Street naming for new developments

£156.10 per street

Changes to development layout after notification

£26.00 per affected plot

Street renaming at residents request

£208.10 plus £20 per plot

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Street Naming and Numbering
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Planning Services
Street Naming and Numbering
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