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Historical Planning Decision Search

How to search for Historical Decision Notices and Legal Agreements

To help with using this search facility we have compiled a list of street names for the whole borough, along with their original planning application references. This reference can then be used to search. Those application references in red on the list are Section 3(i) consents issued by the Development Corporation under the New Towns Act, and for which there is no decision notice available.

Important: Please read
While great care is taken to ensure that the information provided on this site is accurate, we cannot accept any liability or responsibility should you rely on the information provided and ultimately find it to have been incorrect. If you have any reason to suspect that the information is incorrect, please contact us immediately so we can look into it.


For copyright reasons, you may only download and print material for inspection purposes (see Copyright Acts 1988 Section 47). Further copies will require the permission of the copyright owner.

Search tip

Over the years planning application numbers have been recorded in a number of different ways. Try entering just part of the reference number and using a wild card by typing a “*” in any part of the reference number. For example, if the full number is “CR/1992/0311/FUL” try “92/*311” or “*311/FUL”. Follow the link for more search tips.

Search for Historical Decision Notices

Type all or part of an address or location relating to the Decision Notice.


Type all or part of a planning application number. This will take precedence over address.

Choose a date range to search for decision notices


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