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Applying for Planning Permission

How to Apply

The best way to apply for a wide range of planning applications is online through the government’s planning portal website where you can complete the relevant form, attach your documents and submit your payment.

Apply Online

Paper Forms


Some application types cannot be submitted online, however you can download a PDF form via the planning portal which you can print out, complete and submit by post.

What to Submit

A detailed list of what is required for a valid application can be found in our List of Validation Requirements, which includes both National and Local requirements. You can also refer to the validation checklist to see what plans or documents you may be asked to provide depending on the application type. The Local Planning Authority will not be able to process your application unless the required information has been provided.

What it Costs

This will depend on the type and scale of the development. You can calculate the fee yourself by using the Planning Portal Fee Calculator or, you can download a PDF Fee List . Further information can be found on our Fees and Payments webpage.

What Happens Next?

Once your application has been submitted, it will be checked to ensure everything that is required to validate the application has been provided. If your application is found to be complete, it will be registered and made available on our website and you or your agent will receive an acknowledgement letter to this effect. If your application is found to be incomplete we will contact you or your agent to request the outstanding information.

Is anyone else involved?

Once an application has been validated and registered the Local Planning Authority may then publicise and consult on it.

Neighbours will either be notified by letter or in certain cases a notice will be put up on or near the site and advertised in a local newspaper. This gives the public the opportunity to express views. Other statutory bodies may also need to be consulted.

Anyone can comment on your application. The LPA will assess the relevance of comments and, in light of them, may suggest minor changes to the application to overcome any difficulties.

How long does it take to receive a decision?

Applications for minor development are generally determined by a planning officer under delegated powers within 8 weeks of validation. Major developments are determined by the Planning Committee. The determination target for these applications is within 13 weeks of validation. If your application is determined by the Planning Committee you or your agent will be notified of the committee date including any neighbour who has made written representations and will be given the opportunity to speak at the meeting. See further information .

Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

If your proposal includes either the creation of new dwellings (including via change of use) or the creation of 100 square metres of more of new build floor space, your proposal may be subject to requirements regarding the Community Infrastructure Levy. Applications for planning permission which meet one or both of these criteria should therefore be accompanied by a CIL Additional Information form and Assumption of Liability form . Further information and other CIL forms are available on the council’s Community Infrastructure Levy web page.

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