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Help plan the future of your town

16 Jul 2019

Planning affects us all. The homes we live in, the places where we work, the open spaces where we relax and the roads we travel on are all a result of planning decisions that have been made.

The way that the whole town develops in the future will be affected by planning. Crawley Borough Council has started work on a review of its local plan that will help to guide development in Crawley over 15 years from 2020-2035.

This draft local plan review follows a review of the existing adopted local plan; it doesn’t start from a blank page. In many cases, the principles and policies in the local plan remain up-to-date and ‘sound’.

However, there is a greater emphasis on a number of policy areas, including health and wellbeing, higher environmental standards for new houses and housing to meet a wider range of needs.

It is important that local people, groups and organisations are able to put across their views and participate in the way that we plan the future of the town.

From now until 16 September we are asking you to let us know what you feel are the most important issues for Crawley that will need to be planned for over the next 15 years.

The staffed consultation events take place at:

Councillor Peter Smith Cabinet member for Planning and Economic Development, said: “Anyone interested in the future of Crawley should get involved in this consultation.

“The local plan review is all about finding out what you want to see the town look like. We’ll be asking questions at events and online to get your feedback. Please take your chance to shape the future of your town.”

For more information visit or email