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Tilgate Park Outdoor Gym

Tilgate Outdoor Gym

A Gym in the Park - bring fitness into the fresh air!

As part of our commitment to help people live a more active lifestyle, we have installed a free to use Outdoor Gym in an idyllic location within Tilgate Park.

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The gym is similar to a conventional indoor gym but the equipment has been specially designed for use outdoors.

The outdoor gym is a great way to be more active with friends and family. It is free to use, accessible in all weather conditions and suitable for varying fitness levels.

The Equipment

The equipment is intended for use by teenagers and adults from 14 years of age upwards, from the complete novice right through to the experienced athlete.

The equipment is low impact and includes a variety of exercises that anyone can do, whether you want a moderate or a vigorous workout.

All of the equipment is designed so that the user is only lifting their own body weight. This allows the person to work within their limits and avoids the need to make any adjustment.

Instructions and QR codes

Signage at the Outdoor Gym provides instructions on how to use each item of equipment safely.

The equipment also features the use of QR codes. Scan one with a QR reader on a smart phone and you’ll be taken to a YouTube video, which has a virtual personal trainer to take you through correct use of the equipment, with demonstrations. It also shows what other exercises can be done on that piece of equipment.

The video clips and signage incorporate work out instructions and the intensity of the muscle groups being worked for beginner, intermediate and advanced workouts. This provides fitness enthusiasts with their very own personal trainer – free of charge!

How to use the range of equipment

The equipment in the Outdoor Gym will promote cardiovascular fitness, lower and upper body strength and balance.

Click on the links below for a description and video of each piece of equipment:

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