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Preparing for Interview

For most of our jobs you will only be required to attend one interview. Sometimes as part of the interview you may be asked to complete a relevant assessment, presentation or written test.

An interview is a two-way process. The interviewers want to find out about you and you need to find out about the organisation and the post. The interviewers want to recruit the best person and you want to convince them that you are that person.

Interviewers will have a checklist of requirements based on the job description and the candidate specification. You should have a copy of these as they will help you prepare for the interview.

Interviewers will be looking for evidence of:

They will find this out is by asking you questions based on the essential and desirable requirements of the job, which are listed under these headings on the candidate specification.

What does ‘essential’ mean?

This means that the skill, experience or knowledge is needed immediately to do the job. It is vital.

What does desirable mean?

This means that it is useful but not absolutely essential straight away to do the job. It can sometimes be learnt while doing the job or developed through training.

What is evidence?

Proof of your skills, qualifications, experience and knowledge.

The interviewers will ask you for examples of what you have done in the past. They will also ask questions about your knowledge. This is your opportunity to prove that you have what is needed to do the job. You will be asked to bring with you at the interview any relevant educational and professional certificates.

The interviewers will be comparing your answers against essential requirements and some or all of the desirable aspects on the candidate specification. You may be asked more than one question about each requirement of the job. This will give you the opportunity to demonstrate as fully as possible your experience, skills and knowledge by giving examples of situations that you have been in which clearly demonstrate the requirements of the job.

Think about what you have done - often candidates talk about ‘we’ or what their team and colleagues have done. The interviewers want to know about your skills. If you have achieved something as part of a team, be prepared to explain exactly what your role was.

Identify specific examples that demonstrate your skills - the interviewers do not want to know what you have done in general terms, or what you would do in a situation. They want to know exactly what you have done.

In addition to the examples you gave on your application form, come prepared with one or two more examples for each essential and desirable requirement.

Remember time is limited at interviews so give as much relevant information as needed to prove that you meet the requirements. It is important to give evidence that relates directly to the experience, skills and knowledge required, rather than providing lots of background information to put your example into context.

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