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Cold Weather Accommodation Provision in Crawley 2019

There are currently no legal protections for people sleeping rough in England during severe weather. The provision of shelter is not a statutory duty, even when conditions are life threatening. However, there is a humanitarian obligation on local authorities to do all they can to prevent deaths on the streets and for their partners and the public to support these efforts.

The winter period often presents the greatest risks to people’s health and provides increased opportunities to engage with more entrenched rough sleepers and other hard to reach groups who may be likely to accept support at this time of the year. The aim of having Severe Weather Emergency Protocol (SWEP) provision in place is to:

  • To ensure that no one dies on the streets during severe weather
  • To ensure that every effort is made to engage individuals with support services during winter months.

There is no single definition of severe weather. Any extreme conditions that increase the risk of harm to people sleeping rough can be classed as severe including cold, wind, snow, rain and heat.

What is available in Crawley?

Between 7 January and 31 March 2019, we are providing Extended Cold Weather Provision through Crawley Open House in a separate space, which runs alongside the year round services that Crawley Open House already provide in their Crawley Hostel. This extended provision will be made available:

  • When The Met Office weather forecasts “feels like” temperatures of 0 degrees or below for one night or more
  • When 5+ individuals require shelter by presenting to Crawley Open House before 2pm Mon-Friday and before 5pm Saturday-Sunday
  • For a minimum period of two nights
  • Between January and March 2019
  • When staffed and managed by Crawley Open House whilst open
  • Utilising council provided space and/or the Danny Gallivan Trust Bus

How do I access the Extended Cold Weather Provision?

By contacting Crawley Open House before 2pm Monday-Friday or before 5pm Saturday-Sunday.

You can do this:

  • In person by attending their day centre which is open 10am-2pm Monday-Friday or 2pm-5pm Saturday-Sunday at Riverside House, Stephenson Way, Three Bridges, Crawley
  • By calling call them on Tel: 01293 447702 (a meeting will be required to discuss further details)

Please note: the extended cold weather provision period has now ended, however SWEP provisions will become operational if weather conditions become severe.

Visit Crawley Open House for further information.

What can local agencies and the public do to help?

By checking the Met Office Weather Forecast for Crawley and if it “feels like” zero degrees or below, encouraging people to access the accommodation by directing them to Crawley Open House before 2pm Monday-Friday and before 5pm Saturday-Sunday. You can also call Crawley Open House on Tel: 01293 447702 and there will be information on our social media channels so check our Facebook page for updates.

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