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Questions about Bidding

What is my priority housing date, current banding and reference number?

Your priority housing date is usually the date of your application. This date, your reference number and the banding we have placed you in are on your letter of acceptance onto the housing register.

What properties am I eligible to bid for?

We will tell you which size property you can bid on in your acceptance letter. If your circumstances change this could affect the size of property you can bid for.

How do I bid?

When you see a property that you want to bid for, you need to do one of the following:

We must receive your fully completed bid by 3pm on Thursday. If your bid is late or completed incorrectly, we cannot consider you for the property.

Please contact us if you are not sure how to bid and would like some help. You can call us on (01293) 438608 or come into the Town Hall. We can help you with a test bid so you can try it for yourself.

How can I get help with bidding?

If you do not have access to the internet, are unable to place a bid at the Town Hall, or have medical needs that would make the bidding process difficult, please contact us. We can set our system to bid on your behalf when suitable properties, that you are eligible for become available. Call us on (01293) 438608 to enquire.

Can my friend or relative place bids on my behalf?

As long as you are happy for them to do so. You need to give them your housing register application reference number so they can place bids on your behalf.

Who will be successful?

Successful applicants will be those in the highest banding who have the earliest priority housing date. If we don’t receive any bids from people in the highest banding (A+) we will move to the next banding (Band A) and so on until there is a suitable match. In rare cases where we receive no bids, we may re-advertise the property the following week.

If you do not hear from us once you have placed your bid, this means you were not successful. Unfortunately due to the large number of bids we receive, we are not able to contact unsuccessful bidders.

We will notify successful bidders as soon as possible. We will post the banding and application date of the successful applicants on the Recent Lets page of the Home Choice website. If we are unable to contact the successful bidder we will offer the property to the person next in line.

Why wasn’t I successful?

There are a number of reasons why you may not have been the successful bidder:

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