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People are entitled to live their lives peacefully, and most of us experience some level of noise whilst going about our daily lives. Usually, we can tolerate this because it happens at acceptable times or for short durations and is part of the give and take of being a neighbour.

Before calling the council

If the level of noise becomes frequent or unreasonable, try talking to the person causing the problem. Some people get annoyed if a neighbour complains to the council before talking to them, which can make it harder to achieve a solution.

Explain how the noise is disturbing you (they may not realise their actions are causing a problem), and try to reach an agreement that will suit both of you.

If you do speak to someone about their behaviour:

Allow enough time to see if there is an improvement before taking further action.

When talking doesn’t help.

Noisy neighbours

If the noise is coming from a home and you’ve tried talking to them, you can report the problem online or

call our Nuisance and Anti-Social Behaviour Team on 01293 438438.

What happens next

We will arrange to visit you to discuss the problem. Then, if you are happy for us to do so, we will visit the person or people you think are making the noise and discuss the complaint with them.

Sometimes there are simple changes they can make to reduce the noise they are making and we find that many cases are resolved by one or both parties changing their behaviour.

Commercial or Industrial noise

If the noise is coming from a commercial or industrial premises, the council’s Environmental Health Unit will investigate. You can call them on 01293 438218.

Gatwick Airport

If you have a complaint about aircraft noise then please follow the link to contact Gatwick Airport directly. Follow the link if you wish to learn more about noise issues associated with Gatwick Airport, including reports by their Flight Evaluation Unit . If you have a specific complaint about noise from Gatwick that can not be answered by the information from the Gatwick Airport Website then please report the problem online or contact Environmental Health using the contact details to the right of this page.

Out of office hours

The Environmental Health Unit will respond to urgent reports of noise issues that happen out of normal office hours; these can be reported by calling the council’s main switchboard on 01293 438000.

Statutory nuisance

If we feel that there may be a statutory nuisance being committed then we may take further action to investigate and, if necessary, carry out enforcement action against the person or people making the noise.

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