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The Problem

Bonfire smoke can be very irritating and cause great distress to those who are exposed to it.

The smoke can potentially contain gases and particles which can affect the health of children and people with asthma, bronchitis or heart problems.

It can also affect the environment, for example by soiling washing hung out to dry etc.

Smoke caused by bonfires could be a statutory nuisance, and people causing a serious problem may be fined up to £5,000.

If you are a council tenant, under the terms of your tenancy agreement you cannot have a bonfire on your property.

The Alternatives

You may not need a bonfire...


Most garden waste can be composted at home into a valuable soil conditioner, which will save you money instead of buying commercial products.


The Household Waste Recycling Site in Metcalf Way, County Oak has facilities for recycling waste oil, furniture, old clothes as well as newspapers and cardboard etc. You can also leave newspapers at many of the small recycling points around the Borough or by using your REDtop Bin.

Household Waste Recycling Site:

All kinds of waste can be left free of charge at the Household Waste Recycling Site in Metcalf Way, County Oak. It is open from 8am to 7pm Monday to Friday (9am to 7pm on weekends), from April to September. It closes earlier, at 5pm on weekdays and weekends, during October to March.

Special Collections:

For a small fee, the council will collect unwanted furniture and household appliances etc. Telephone 0800 5875 888 to enquire about the current fee and to make a booking. Garden Waste can be collected in a GREENbin .

If you must have a bonfire
If you have a complaint

Discuss the matter with the person responsible for the bonfire. They may not realise they are causing anyone a problem. Explain how it is disturbing you and try to reach a reasonable solution. This is often the fastest and most effective way to gain an improvement.

If you are unable to discuss the matter directly with the person responsible, write them a polite letter, pointing out the problem. It is best to write in a manner in which you would like to be approached yourself.

If the situation does not improve, please contact us.

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Environmental Services Division
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Environmental Services Division
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