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Manor Royal is a thriving and popular business location and like many such areas this has lead to congestion, particularly at peak times. easitCRAWLEY is an initiative designed to ease the pain for business.

What is easitCRAWLEY?

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easitCRAWLEY is a unique approach to tackling business-related transport issues. An initiative that has worked well for companies based in East Surrey, easitCRAWLEY is designed around building solutions to transport problems that work for business based on what employees and employers are prepared to do and think will work.

How does it work?

By bringing together those Manor Royal businesses that employ a lot of people to develop tangible solutions to transport issues that meet their needs. Experience from elsewhere has shown that there is strength in numbers and that by working together through the easitCRAWLEY programme employers have been able to bring about positive changes and offer some real benefits for their staff that they weren’t able to before. And yes, there is a positive environmental benefit as well.

Why is easitCRAWLEY only for Manor Royal?

Because Manor Royal is a key employment area that has thousands of people commuting to work there each day and has the advantage of being a quite compact, well defined area so lends itself well to this kind of intervention. If it works well here there is a chance it could be rolled out to other areas, possibly even beyond Crawley.

Who is involved?

Work on bringing easitCRAWLEY to Manor Royal began in late 2007 supported by the business-led Gatwick Diamond Initiative, Crawley Borough Council and West Sussex County Council. Some of the key employers on the Manor Royal Estate have already signed up at this early stage and more are signing up all the time.

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How do I find out more?

If your business is based on Manor Royal, or you come from somewhere else and you want to know more, please feel free to get in touch to find out how easitCRAWLEY can help you, your business and your employees.

Tel: 01306 88 66 77

Address: 37-39 Holmesdale Road, North Holmwood, Dorking, Surrey, RH5 4HS


Or contact your Economic Development Officer, Steve Sawyer on 01293 438704