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Become a Councillor

What does being a Councillor involve?

Councillors are directly elected to the Council to represent the views of local people and to take decisions on their behalf.

Crawley has 37 Councillors and is divided into 15 local areas called wards which are largely based on Crawley’s neighbourhoods. Each ward has either two or three councillors depending on the number of residents in the area.

Who are my local councillors?

Local councillors have a wide-ranging role and it is up to each individual councillor to choose how they work. While a councillor’s role and responsibilities will often depend on their experience and commitment, the main activities they will be involved in will include:


To find further information on:

click on the link to councillors’ roles, responsibilities and remuneration.

Could I become a councillor?

If so, then you should consider becoming a councillor.

Councillors are ordinary people doing an extraordinary job. Being a councillor is an interesting, challenging and rewarding form of public service that puts people in a privileged position where they can make a difference to the quality of other people’s daily lives and prospects.

You may find the Be a Councillor toolkit page useful.

Although your local council can make a difference on a range of issues and so could you as a local councillor do not expect to be able to change the world overnight.

Every day, councillors have to balance the needs and interests of residents, their political party (if any) and the council. These will all make legitimate demands on a councillor’s time - on top of their personal responsibilities to family, friends and work.

Therefore, before you consider becoming a councillor you may want to discuss it with your family and friends to ensure that they understand that you will need their support and understanding. You may be spending a lot of your spare time on council business.

Standing for Election

Elections are conducted with rules laid done by law that ensure that the process is free and fair. You can find out about standing for election at .

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